What is Reminders ?

Reminders it's ready to send emails, that was created based on Rule(s) from specific Contact(s). It's can be emails that are sending before or after specific time to the event from Contact data. Like follow-up emails or friendly reminders about upcoming event.

How does it all work?

The reminders page lists all your reminders. You can easily send or delete certain reminder.
You can filter reminders to show only sent email reminders or emails reminders pending sending, or both.
Next to each email reminder, you can check the status of this reminder (sent or not sent), as well as the name of the email template that uses the specific email reminder.

To be able to send a specific reminder, you need to determine the name of the email field from the contact data that is used to send emails. You can define it at the Settings page for the "Email field name" option.