What does the “starting with contact id” field mean?

This field indicates the contact ID from which the rule will be executed. This is useful for situations where you have thousands of contacts and you only need to handle the latest and not all together. Please note that the system runs the rule with iterations by 1000 contacts per iteration to distribute the load on the server. And this field is updated automatically after each run. This is also useful in situations where the execution was interrupted for some reason, and the next time you start with the last processed contact lists.

1) You can edit value of this “starting with contact id” field, if you need to run rule from beginning of all contacts. Usually its required, if you have some conditions based on days or times depending from TODAY date. During each new day, you need to run such rule from beginning of contacts list and check daily conditions, like this: TODAY + 1 DAY or this TODAY - 7 DAYS.

2) Click on Edit rule button.

3) Change “starting with contact id” field value to 0 or some other contact ID number, and click on "Save changes" button

4) Or you can simply click on "Reset rule button" and system will set value 0 to “starting with contact id” field.