1. Insert the shortcode into the page to send email reminders.

2. When someone visits this page, the shortcode will send email reminders.

Shortcode configuration:

[email-reminders-send status='init' max_count=20 keyword='United States|Canada|Mexico']

[email-reminders-send is_silent=1 max_count=30 not_keyword='United States|Canada|Mexico']

is_silent [ 1 | 0 ] - show or hide text after running shortcode on page.

status [ string ] - status of reminders: 'init', 'sent'; all reminders, if parameter skipped.

max_count [ integer ] - the maximum number of contacts to process during shortcode execution that match the rule condition, starting from the last processed contact ID.

start_num [ integer ] - start from N reminders to send

keyword [ string ] - Find all variants, like USA and Canada. For example: 'United States'. You can use several terms separated by | symbol, which is work like OR : 'United States|Canada|Mexico|Brazil'

not_keyword [ string ] - Find variants, that does not contain such keywords. Work opposite to keyword parameter