How to set up automatic sending of reminders?

Automatic sending "email reminders"
Activate automatic sending "email reminders" option and define the sending time intervals for group of such email reminders.

CRON settings

Open "Email Reminders" > Settings > Automate (CRON) menu page and set checked this option " Enable CRON to send reminders" to send email reminders automatically. Also you can define the time intervals, when CRON system will check for sending email reminders and define Number of reminders to send option.

Instruction for Automatic sending "email reminders" in update 1.0.3 or older.
1. Insert the shortcode into the page to send email reminders.

2. When someone visits this page, the shortcode will send email reminders.

Shortcode configuration:

[email-reminders-send status='init' max_count=20 keyword='United States|Canada|Mexico']

[email-reminders-send is_silent=1 max_count=30 not_keyword='United States|Canada|Mexico']

is_silent [ 1 | 0 ] - show or hide text after running shortcode on page.

status [ string ] - status of reminders: 'init', 'sent'; all reminders, if parameter skipped.

max_count [ integer ] - the maximum number of contacts to process during shortcode execution that match the rule condition, starting from the last processed contact ID.

start_num [ integer ] - start from N reminders to send

keyword [ string ] - Find all variants, like USA and Canada. For example: 'United States'. You can use several terms separated by | symbol, which is work like OR : 'United States|Canada|Mexico|Brazil'

not_keyword [ string ] - Find variants, that does not contain such keywords. Work opposite to keyword parameter.